Climbing my Mountain(s)

It's crazy how brave you can get, after you think you're going to die.

I thought I had climbed my mountain after surviving a toxic marriage almost 10 years ago. 

I even have a tattoo of a phoenix commemorating the rising. Wrong.  I learned some, but my human experience was not done challenging me yet.  Then five years later I experienced a great love and let the fear of being loved burn to the ground.  Pack your bags, more mountains.


2020 started off great, even Covid-19 couldn't slow me down. 

And then I was diagnosed with cancer.  

Six days after my 37th birthday.


I realized I had let my voice and my gifts once again be silenced - and it wasn't until my sixth week and 29th day of radiation, that I realized.  The mountains - they never end.

You just have to keep on climbing. 

About two years ago I stepped away (got side tracked) from my Coaching, Speaking, Inspiring, and writing my goddamn book to focus on other endeavors. I'm still not famous. Yet.

Now, I am back. With a vengeance.

I got cancer, for a reason. I believe dis-ease causes disease. I am at peace with this disease blessing and working at a soul level on my healing.  

I also believe we are eating too much sugar in our overall crappy diets. We are not getting enough exercise.

We are not treating root cause of illness, physical or mental. 

I am a believer in the energetic and vibrational forces in this life available to us all, the power of prayer, perspective and positivity. 

You can call it God, the Universe, Spirit, Angelic - whatever denomination they are all the same to me, and we are all more connected through that than we even realize.

Looking forward to getting to know you...