I have spent hours upon hours searching for the most advantageous supplements to support my natural healthcare journey.  As it so happens, they also are opportunities for me, and you.  Feel free to use my links to order, or contact me about joining the opportunity, or if you have any questions about the products. 

Globallee offers the most impactful, research-based, results-based products I have ever found.  Their flagship product Taka, which will assist in fixing absolutely anything that ails you- from migraines, diabetes, weight, inflammation, fatigue, chronic illness, etc.  Whatever your peril - there's Taka for that. 

Benatrim capsules and coffee are our staple weight loss product, with maximum results found by combining Taka, Benatrim and Intermittent Fasting.

iAccel - for these crazy times we are in, iAccel supports our body's natural defences by boosting our immune system.  With staple anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory ingredients like Aloe and Colloidal Silver - support your immune system naturally.  

Further reading, white papers, research and more is all available on my website listed above.

My favorite products from Seacret are found in their nutrition line.  Their clean, vegan protein is a staple in my lunchtime smoothie.  

Their greens capsules are always with me - for those days I don't eat enough greens, I simply pop a pill to suport the alkaline and powerful immune boosting effects and vitamins found in greens.  Research suggests we should be eating 8-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. PER DAY! Seacret Greens ensures I am supporting my body, while not being married to the kitchen every day.

Non-nutrition related, but the Seacret hairbrush is the only comb that gets close to my horse's mane and tail! Yes, you read that right, my horses. HAHA! 

Further reading, white papers, research and more is all available on my website listed above.