"You have cancer" - Were not the words she expected to hear. Young, active, and vibrant, Adelle Stewart was living her best life- or so she thought. Due to a global pandemic, there were no visitors allowed, which  left many hours of reflection and introspection as she sought answers to “why me?” As days passed Adelle began to recognize her disease had stemmed from deep rooted dis-ease. Childhood trauma, lost love, abusive marriage; she had used extreme independence in response to unresolved trauma. As she faced her demons, Adelle believed her path to healing would be just 20% physical and 80% mental. This endearing memoir chronicles her journey to healing through love, a story she tells from the peak of her next mountain. "Adelle's memoir shows us about not only how to survive life's curveballs, but how to survive in our new lives.  Her book is a must read, full of wisdom, beauty and triumph in the face of some of life's toughest challenges."-Cara Lockwood, USA Today Best Selling Author

Nowhere But Down - A Memoir

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