I want to take you through my journey.  This is the closest you will get to experience all the emotions I felt while writing my book, with lasting memories and good vibrations to carry you through your days!  This bundle comes signed, with a personal note to you.


I am so blessed to have been able to create these custom blends and bracelets with two local business women, Laura Lawrence from Mind Body Balance in Melfort, and Vikki Townsen from Seren Apothecary in Warman SK.  These products were created with love and sent with blessings to their new owners.


Of course I had to create them with a country theme! The combos are:


Hustle & Grind - To enhance your focus and creativity and allow your intuition to lead you <3 


Bring On Beth Dutton - Well, let's just say you wouldn't want to meet her at the train station without this combo on your arm!


Kick Off Your Boots - For those days that are just a bit too much, get grounded and take a deep breath with these healing stones and scents.


More detail on each of these items is on their individual pages in the shop!  


Be sure to choose your ideal bracelet size when ordering.


Thank you for supporting my dream and vision, and two other amazing small businesses in Saskatchewan.

Move Mountains