The Standard of Care

Is fighting for your life worth $1000?

I can't believe this is not the standard of care. I am 485 days and away from my cancer diagnosis and 403 days since the end of my treatment. I still see my oncologists, but they have no further diagnostics planned for me, according to them I am in remission with No Evidence of Disease (NED). But. These pieces of paper contain invaluable information that says otherwise. Information you might think would make me sad, but actually incredibly glad, to have. Why? Because these please pieces of paper tell me that I still have circulating tumor cells, which for a cancer patient (and actually – most humans) is normal. The good news is my circulating tumor cell count is below (thank God) the recommended cells per milliliter. And there is no metastasizing factors at this time.

The reason I’m sharing this update is something I talked a lot about in my book Nowhere But Down. Where The Standard of Care simply isn’t good enough. The most advanced conventional cancer diagnostic, the pet scan, cannot pick this information up. It can only pick up actual tumors, which are the conglomeration of thousands of circulating tumor cells that have began to gather to form a tumor itself (aka: cancer).

This test, this simple blood work gathered in less than 10 minutes and results back in less than two weeks, for the cost of $1000 Canadian, are giving me the most advanced and aggressive route of ensuring “cancer” never actually comes back.

The kicker, this test is available to every single person on the planet. And if you didn’t know, almost everyone has a small number of circulating tumor cells in their body. It is normal and it is natural, and it is only when our bodies don't have healthy immune systems to fight off those individual cells that a tumor called cancer is formed.

Doesn't it make complete sense that we could be spending time and money on preventing cancer from ever happening in the first place? 50% of people, that’s one in two… will experience a cancer diagnosis at some point in their life.

It literally blows my mind that we are not spending trillions of dollars completing pre-cancer screening, for a disease with a 25% mortality rate but we are spending trillions of dollars on… you know what don't even get me started.

But this… is what preventative and proactive healthcare looks like. And it’s a shame that it’s not mainstream, “standard” or even advertised. Instead, it's up to the individual to take a stand for their own health and continued care after cancer… I am only so grateful to be assertive enough to push for my health, smart enough to research the opportunities for my health, and blessed enough to have people and clinicians around me to support my passion for natural and alternative life after cancer.

What’s next for me now, well I spend another $1000 to have a test called Onconomics Extracts which will test natural substances and plant extracts that are effective against the specific DNA of my CTC, stimulate my immune system and inhibit proliferative signals in the cancer cells that they can grow from.

This… is what preventative healthcare looks like, and this, is what should be the standard of care.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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