Unmasking the Mask Theory

Am I the only one worried about our long-term health?

The reduction in gatherings, the mass masking, the over sanitizing, the distain of any germ possibly gracing your finger…

Is anyone else worried about what is happening to your immune system?

Because with all these regulations, I’m a bit scared that they are going to sleep?

How will we ever unmask. How will we ever gather. Are we considering the long-term implications of this?

The immunocompromised are now going to be even weaker and more susceptible to everything, and Covid will become an even deadlier killer than it already isn't (>1%).

How, will we literally ever be able to visit the elderly and ill again? The healthy, will now be immunocompromised, and our kids – who are supposed to be relying on germs to build up the immune system for their adult life, are going to start getting pretty sick if they do catch Covid, let alone catch all the other things they need to catch in order to build up their individual immunity.

Am I the only one who sees this?

I’m really grateful right now to be living on the farm, eating my sandwich whilst riding my horse down the trail after having brushed her and not washed my hands. I just had cancer and treatment for it - I AM IMMUNOCOMPRIMISED. And I do not wear a mask, because I need to BUILD my immune system back up, not suppress it further. How do I do that? Through reasonable sanitization, nutrition, and supplementation aimed at building my immunity army that exists within my body.

Now don’t get me wrong… as I mentioned in my Thoughts on Covid From A Cancer Patient blog, I do believe there are some great, simple, long term changes we should make to our public sanitization protocols. Sanitize the carts. Yes. Sanitize the pin pads. Yes. Wash your hands more. Yes.

But Covid is not going to go away. Sure there may be some vaccine, but I know a shit ton of people who get the flu vaccine and are way sicker every year than those who don’t. I said it before and I’ll say it again - what’s the long term plan here? We are never going to go BACK to normal, ESPECIALLY not going down this road we are now.

So – what do we want our new normal to be?

Masks for life? I vote no.

Max group gatherings of 15, so your whole family can’t even get together this Christmas and never in the future? I also vote no.

No more international travel, vacations? #nopefromme

No more tradeshows, conferences, concerts, places to meet new people & see old friends? No. No. No.

This is the path we are going down folks. We need to see the forest through the trees. If you think a vaccine is going to magically make all of these things appear back with the snap of the finger… we can agree to disagree but I’m of the opinion that, also no.

This isn’t a life I want to call mine long term.

I just literally, can’t believe that suppressing our immune systems through distancing, mass sanitization, masking and separation is the plan for combat here.

We need to stop being sheep. I can’t do it alone, you can help, and we can vote with our voice and our dollars. I don’t go to stores that masks are mandatory, I have moved to purchasing many non perishable groceries online. I’m sorry to say that means I’m not shopping local – but change needs masses, and right now we’ve fallen in line… a very dangerous line. One that in my opinion leads to walking off a cliff, one sheep at a time.

Is it too late to run for Premier?


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