I Don't Hate You, 2020

I don’t. I won’t. Hate only hurts one person – me.

My year was worse than some and better than others. But most of all, it was mine. Here’s the thing about life – we are all free to choose, but we are not free from the consequence of our choices. You can succumb, you can survive, or you can thrive. All are free for you to choose from, but I promise you - each is equally difficult to live.

Here’s my life this year if I chose to succumb:

Covid is here; we are all going to die! I should take extreme measures to hole up and isolate, not living my life at all in fear of dying. Plus - oh my god - I got cancer. Whyyy me. Pooooor me. Life is terrible. What did I do to deserve this? Covid and cancer, it literally couldn’t be a worse year. Fuck it all anyway; if I’m going to get punished like this, there’s no sense in trying. #givesup #goesonwelfare

Here’s 2020 if I chose to survive:

Covid is here. It will be what it will be, I guess. When it’s your time, it’s your time.

Cancer? Well, that’s disappointing. Not surprising though I guess; all women have a 1 in 2 chance of getting it in their lifetime. I’ll do whatever the doctor orders. #hohum #mediocre

Here’s the start of a new decade if I chose to thrive:

An extremely potent flu is here? I better ramp up my immune support through diet, nutrition, exercise and mindset to give myself the best chance of having it not affect me at all.

Cancer? Well holy fuck I didn’t see that one coming, but what’s here for me to learn, uncover, and heal from? How can I blend conventional treatment, complementary care and holistic health to give myself the best chance of survival? How can I serve others and encourage them to change their life before they are faced with disease? #lifechange #levelup

Now, I don’t know the outcomes of the years the first two Adelle’s would have experienced. But as a decided thriver, here’s my 2020 in a nutshell:

I spent my annual 10 days in Southern California spending time with my family, myself and one of my best friends. I returned to Canada at the beginning of a global pandemic, assessed the situation, and accepted an opportunity to be part of a global health product organization with a line of supplements that support immunity. #timing

I got diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer. I became an expert in all things cancer, alternative treatment, complementary therapy, and starving cancer.

I listened to my body, and quit chemo. I challenged my (very patient) oncologists every step of the way and demanded exceptional care instead of the so-called Standard. I stopped drinking, cut out processed sugar, high glycemic food, dairy, simple carbs and saturated fat. I lost 15 pounds. #bonus

Two weeks after spending a month bedridden from one dose of chemo-gone-wrong, I was back in the saddle training for mounted shooting. We competed in our first jackpot 54 days after I walked out of the cancer centre for the last time.

I manifested a new truck, a new trailer, a new horse, and a new puppy.

I grew my equine businesses and residual income streams 10-fold.

I learned how to cook and bake and feed my body.

Through a time of “social distance,” I became closer to more people than ever before. I have made some of the greatest friends, riding partners, business teammates, and grown closer with my own family.

Oh, I almost forgot - I wrote a book. The story of my life, so far. The bad, the horrible, and the ugly, and how it has resulted in the most beautiful life I could ask for.

I lived my year like I never skipped a beat. I was declared cancer-free on October 20.

When I look at my photos from 2020, it’s hard to believe that cancer consumed four months of my year and Covid is going on 9 strong.

When I look at my memories of the last 12 months, I feel like my year was an absolute highlight reel, and it was - because I choose it to be so.

Life is not about constant success and an upward only path, it’s about getting knocked down - and rising. Being redirected and believing. Accepting every challenge as an opportunity. The more times you rise - your problems get bigger, but your rewards also get sweeter.

I hope everyone finds good in this year that has passed, and live each day like it could be your last.



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