A Day in the Life of My Diet

Ok here it is! SO many people have been asking what my diet looks like. Since being a sugar addict turned health freak after a bout of cancer scared me straight, I became somewhat of a foodie expert. After seven months now of stressful radical change, from chicken fingers and french fries, personal pan pizzas, perogies I have finally simplified and de-stressed how to eat to support my body and my health. I can now understand a food ingredient label whereas in March – I didn’t even know what a carb was.

Here's my Secret: Keep it simple. Day to day, I eat a lot of the same things over and over again. It’s too hard and stressful on me to try to be a nutritious and delicious red seal chef. So I am a simple, nutritious and delicious human being. So what does my day look like? Here we go:

I wake up between 5-6 every morning, drink 2 cups of distilled and reinvigorated water (just distilled water strips all nutrients from water, which is the point of drinking water) and take a probiotic.

Once the dogs are fed and my teeth are brushed - it is my writing power hour. I light my incense, and drink half a pack of Taka from Globallee. What is Taka? Well it’s an all natural sugar free drink supplement that does - basically whatever you need it to. From curing migraines, stabilizing diabetes, eliminating fibromyalgia, losing weight, boosting your immune system, supporting intermittent fasting – whatever is wrong with you, try Taka. For me, I take it for the non-caffeine energy (B vitamins), chromium (to stabilize my blood glucose) fucoidan (for it’s anti cancer properties) and everything else (for its immune boosting properties).

Then – coffee! Which isn’t the normal excitement that people get from coffee… I drink half-caff. Actually I have to mix decaf and half caff together, so like, quarter-caff. When I went through my one treatment of chemo (that I then quit) – I immediately couldn’t stand the taste of mushrooms, or coffee. I loved coffee and mushrooms! But one way to get off caffeine is to be repulsed by the taste of it, so that was that. Now four months later I am back on it but I drink it for the taste and there are some benefits to coffee especially sans caffeine. Because of my diet, feeding for nutrition – I don’t need any caffeine!

Let me tell you – if you suffer with any form of anxiety, STOP drinking coffee. Just Stop. The End. Do It. Don’t just take it from me either, take it from the mental health pros, famous people, etc. - even Rachel Hollis had to get off caffeine because of how it amped her anxiety. Anyway. My coffee must be buckskin, but I don’t drink dairy (lactose is glucose…) so I have tried every alternative milk and cream on the planet and have found one lonely brand that satisfies my needs for a thick cream and I found that in Calfia coconut almond “Better Half” creamer. For sweetener, use cinnamon or monk fruit; stevia leaves a bad taste in my mouth with coffee, but I love it with green tea.

By this point in the morning, with half a Taka and 2 cups of coffee I am still technically fasting, I intermittent fast 10&14 every day (eat for 10 hours, fast for 14). I HATED the idea of IF at first, now I literally crave the way my body feels doing it. If you want to try it, I recommend graduating your hours down; 8 and 16 is really popular with a lot of people, but I can’t get my calories and macros in in that time frame and I’m way too active to eat only half the hours I’m awake. Try to go 12 and 12 at first and switch it hour by hour until your body tells you what works for you.

At about 9 am I break my fast with one of two breakfasts:

1. Stoked oatmeal and a piece of fruit (usually a pear, or an apple). Stoked Oats is an actual brand and it’s a one-up on regular oatmeal. It’s full of almonds, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds. I mix it with macadamia milk (Costco value packs), top it with cinnamon, add a few organic raisins (also in bulk at Costco), and some Swerve brown sugar replacement.


2. A Muffin, and a piece of fruit (NOT store bought muffins (FULL of sugar), one of the three muffins I have recipes for on my blog, all sugar free and packed with veggies and fruit – Morning Glory, Harvest Zucchini and a new one I tried that’s also GF – Pumpkin banana chocolate chip (stevia chips)).

During the morning, I have another half a pack of Taka (I like it warm so drink it like a fruit tea) and I’m good til lunch, where I make the same old delicious green smoothie every day. I use:

1. 1c of greens (I use a mixed greens usually, spinach makes me bloated (leptins) and although I love Kale in a salad or cooked, I can’t stand it in juice or smoothies).

2. 2oz of cucumber

3. Whole Earth chocolate protein (this is the best protein I’ve found, it is vegan, full of greens as well, and mushroom adaptogens. Also it is NOT full of sugar! Check your labels, there are so many “clean” proteins out there that have 6, 7, 8 grams of added sugar!)

4. 1c frozen fruit… Whatever I have. Sometimes berries, sometimes banana, mango, whatev. Again – Costco in bulk and organic whenever I can.

5. 1tsp Chlorella powder – tasteless and full of anti oxidants and other super foodie type of things.

That’s it! It tastes like a chocolate fruit explosion. If you need more fats, add 1tbsp of chia seeds of flax, but I sometimes go over my macros when I do so I cut them out depending on the day.

If I have lots of things going on for the rest of the day, I will have another half a pack of Taka between 1-3pm. Usually – I don’t need a food snack all afternoon. But on the days that I do, my snack depends on what I’m having for supper.

If I need a snack but my supper is going to be high fat, I have another piece of fruit or salted popcorn (nothing else!). If I won’t hit my fat macros with dinner, I’ll have a handful of cashews or almonds for a snack.

If you’re wondering… how the hell do I track my macros – MyFitnessPal – the app. It’s the best. Try the premium version for 30 days, and you’ll see that the subscription is worth it.

Then, supper! I ALWAYS meal prep for the week on Sundays, buy groceries Monday. Repeat repeat repeat. Not knowing what I’m going to eat for supper each night stresses me out, and supper is my one daily “creative” meal where I usually don’t eat the same thing twice for weeks or months. I pull up my Pinterest board on Sunday afternoons and scroll away for low carb, sugar free healthy yummy meals. Lots of veggies, vegan or lean protein (no red meat for me, but that’s by taste choice from 25 years ago), whole grains, etc. I always buy and make enough that one recipe makes me at least two suppers, if not three. Get your family used to eating the same thing lol. If you want me to start posting my "Monday Meal Prep" each week - hit me up with a "Meal Prep Please!" in the comments! You can also check out my "healthy eats" highlights on insta @adellerosalia and my “tried and verified” board on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.ca/adellerosalia/tried-verified/

I love a little sweet treat after supper, so I may have a home made sugar free oatmeal raisin cookie, a date filled with peanut butter from the freezer, low glycemic berries, or a piece of sugar free home made dark chocolate (I also have the recipe if you need that).

I am then done eating for the day, between 7-730 PM and begin my fast for the morning.

That’s it folks! It really is not a “crazy” or a “hard” diet. It is very repetitive. In a way, this is soothing. But it was a HUGE shift for me. From grilled cheese sammich with tomato soup (tomato soup is full of sugar FYI) for lunch, to half a pack of sour patch kids for a snack, to lots of deep fried fast food and breaded everything at home… to pie or cake or tarts for dessert… This was a lifestyle change. It’s one I wish I had made before I had cancer, and one I wish everyone else would make before facing a chronic or death scaring illness. One thing I would recommend above all else though, is to go slow! I made this change to my diet overnight, and went through weeks of hating my life, struggling, and bloating! Humans are just like horses and dogs… where any diet changes should be small and gradual! Change your breakfast. Change it til it’s easy and you don’t think about it anymore. Then change your lunch. Change it til it’s easy and you don’t think about it anymore. Then change your supper, and after all that, then begin to experiment with intermittent fasting.

Here's a little chart on the glycemic levels of common foods. I try to eat under 50, 95% of the time:

I know, I know – all of the excuses. Excuses are easy to make if you aren’t afraid of dying. You work away or travel a lot? Yep meal prep and on the road eating is 100% doable now a days. I can do it on 6 hour road trips and day long trail rides where I don’t even have a cooler. Kids? Yes I know that’s an excuse too. But our kids are the ones we should care about changing their diets the most! Don’t we love them so so much and would die for them? Let’s make sure we are supporting their health no? Hit me up with any other excuse you can come up with on why changing your diet is too hard… and I’ll tell you all about how fun it was to be in bed for six weeks on deaths door from my cancer treatment. I’m not here to convince you of anything, only share my story.

Eat up!


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About the Author:

Adelle is currently writing her first book, outlining her journey through life, toxic lessons, and most recently - her battle with cancer. She is a sugar-addict turned health-freak, avid hiker, horseback rider, and holistic healthcare advocate. Find out more at www.adellerosalia.com and follow her on all social platforms @adellerosalia

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