Climbing My Mountain(s)

Sometimes we need a rope assisted climb!

Do you ever feel like you are going through life – climbing the proverbial

mountain (often of problems, or tough times) and suddenly - you've reached the top? "I've made it!" you cry. I learned! I grew! And you have. For a while. Until life says hey - you climbed that one, but you're simply now at the base of another mountain, and this one is yet higher.

After the first few mountains in my life, the process felt daunting, never ending, and discouraging. Up, Up UP. When is there a break? When have I truly made it to the top and get to enjoy the coast down?

Fractured friendships, broken relationships, lost loves, struggle, and then, disease. Cancer at 37.

WHAT, pray-tell is the secret to life that leads me to the peak? And what did I do to deserve this.

I do truly believe that dis-ease causes disease. Which means I needed to take responsibility for this mountain, and my next climb. I pondered this all through my treatment. Then I related it to the stories of the good old days… where people talk about a time in their life that was “uphill both ways.” And how we all laugh… but now… I’m done laughing. I realized. That is what life is. All of it. It is uphill, for always. If you want to see more, do more, experience more, be more - we need to keep going up. I think I’ve found the secret to life.

The mountains - they never end. You just have to keep on climbing.

I had gotten “comfortable” in my life (aka: afraid to do anything great, outside the norm, something I could be judged for). I had been silenced. But no more. No one on this planet, has the same things to say as I do. So out my voice is going to come, and I’m going to shout them from the top of every mountain I summit.

There’s been a bit of a resurgence lately in… complacency. Comfort. Acceptance. Status quo. Lack of Challenge. I personally don’t believe we should live an entire life at base camp. Sure, we may not all make it to the top, but I’d rather die trying to get there than wonder if I ever could.

So, I’m back. With things to say. Things to say about cancer, conventional care, Covid, courage, and I’m going to keep climbing all the way through it. So if you want come with me -we can do it -

Let’s Get High.

There were times I didn't think I would make it!

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