Universe For the Win!

You don’t wanna miss this.

We all are reading the books. The power of manifestation, universal law, light working – I could go on and on. But, within the general population – I’m not seeing us openly talk about how we are actually each using these powers on a daily basis.

Until now.

Behold my story – of how I got almost everything I’ve ever wanted in 28 days.

I read seven books in the month of January – many of them on the power of woo-woo, witchery, energy, light, and love – and then – I put them to the test.

Now I’ve been playing around with universal law for about a decade. And it’s done some pretty cool shit for me. But baby shit. Like hitting all green lights and getting rad parking spots. But I have never been as ready as I was at this moment to completely surrender and allow the universe to fully work through me. So, let’s allow this post to be educational as well as inspirational.

It all started on February 8. Why are the dates you may ask? Well – in reading my books, the earth and everything about it, is cyclical.

The Seasons

The Sun Setting

The Moon Rising

Women’s Cycles

The Tide

The World Turning

I could go on, and on.

Pic I took of the moon a few years ago - before I knew of her magic

So – on February 8 - the moon was in what the books told me was “waning phase” – which is aka: fading away, or the last phase of it monthly cycle.

What I had learned in a few of these books – is how to use the certain phases of the moon and the energetic properties each phase holds to work in flow with the universe to create the things you most desire.

Lol. Ok. Sure.

In this waning phase – I was advised it was time to become aware of certain things in my life that could be released. The books and the blogs said that the last quarter of the moon gives us “energetic support to release and break negative patterns.”

Well, I’d had some severe anxiety for the last three months, so was pretty much all for giving anything a try.

I decided to shake things up, that I wanted to build a barn on my beautiful acreage, for my donkey.

Yeah – you heard that right. My non-prize winning, gelded, fuzzbucket sassafrass long eared burro.

He deserves it. #dontjudgeme

In passing on this day – I spoke this intention out loud, and told my father I was going to build a barn this year. Later on this day – he called me into his office and had a MLS listing upon his screen. Now – some history here - my family has been attempting to get me to move closer to them for 5 years, and have used this “look whats for sale” tactic several times without so much as sparking a twinkle in my eye.

So – this day being as many others in the past, I said “for the love of all things DAD – I am not leavinggggggg….. this office until I see more pictures.”

It. Was. Perfect.

A beautiful home, fully landscaped yard, trees, pasture, 80 acres, it was everything I already had.

Plus, all the things I didn’t already have.

A heated shop,


A barn.

Me – trying to hide my excitement… “its ok. fine. – lets go look at it.”

So – still being in the waning phase of this universal moon energy, I went to see it with zero expectations two days later. It was still perfect. Still deep in my lets-be-a-lightworker mood, as we were walking through the house, I whispered to my mom – “I’m looking for a sign that this is meant to be my place. So if this is meant to be, I am looking for an owl to appear.”

Much to my chagrin, mother dearest responded with “well, dear, I saw an owl stature out the west patio window the moment we walked in.”

Oh my.

Universe – 1; Adelle skepticism – 0.

Instead of getting all worked up at this point, I listened to my woo woo moonology – whereas the books advised that was not the time to start anything new, it was time to finish the cycle and release. So I stuck with my feeling and intention of having a barn, wherever that barn may be.

Then, February 15 rolled around.


The start of the cycle, where it all begins (so I had read). Here – I learned - it is time to:

- write a to-do list,

- think of all the things you want to create during the next 28 days,

- Speculate new projects,

- clarify your intent, and

- bring ideas into consciousness.

Uhmmmmm okey dokey. #letsdothis

Now – universal law isn’t just about getting everything you WANT by working with the moon phases. You still have to trust in the Universe and release control of the outcome to it. It was here I executed a portion of the book I had just read by Gabby Bernstien:

I began praying daily to the universe to help me release control of the outcome of my intention to have a barn. It wasn’t to say I was giving up the possibility of having a barn – I just released where and how it was going to come to fruition. If the new beautiful place was not meant for me, the universe would steer the outcome away from there and open a different window of opportunity for me to have a stable. My test was to remain trustful of the outcome and not try to control the process.

Because, I LOVE to be in control. #thisisatest

So, as I had learned to do - I prayed for peace and strength to support me through that. I had read a quote somewhere once that I recall saying "If you have a goal, write it down. If you do not write it down, you do not have a goal, you have a wish." So, I wrote this:

As you will see in my prayer, I got a little sassy and threw in a little somthin extra for my doggos - living closer to the river so we can go swimming!

This brought us to February 18 –


“The crescent moon is the time to start the projects and add actions to the intentions you made back during the New Moon.” (barnbarnbarn).

Word had spread throughout realtor land that a stunning piece of horse lover property (mine) would be coming up for sale. So – to warm things up - there was a sneak peak showing on this day, a day also where we went for a second viewing of my potential new home!

My home wasn’t quite ready to list, but that was ok. I called out to my network during this “start the projects” moon cycle to contract the services I needed done (painting, minor repairs and such).

Low and behold I got a great reference that day, he was magically free to come give a quote two days later, and by some not-so-much-luck; the major renovation he was supposed to start the next day got postponed, which meant he had an opening just for me!

Coincidence? I was starting to think not.

We were wrapped up with the renos by February 22, which is great because why? February 23 was the next phase of the Lunar Cycle – The First Quarter.

Ok books – what do we do now??

This. They said. Is the time to be ambitious! #wooohoooo!

As I continued to release control of the outcome to the Universe – I was feeling oddly calm and completely trusting. Which is not like me at all – I LOVE to be in charge. I make lists, weigh the pros and cons lists, I get involved, I fret over decisions – usually. But not this time.

In a combination of utilizing the moon flow – I added using essential oils to my practice. I started wearing a blend called “prosperity” which was blend of oils of “abundance” and promised to “energize and clear the mind, think positive thoughts.”

Through my readings, the first quarter of a waxing moon is time to “accelerate the progress of projects you’re working on” (barnbarnbarn).

“It is now that is absolutely essential to make forward strides and catch on to the growing power of the moon and the momentum that is underway.”

What does that mean in non-universal-law-layman-terms?


On February 26, we did just that.

This brings us to February 27 – we were at “91.2% of the first quarter waxing moon phase.” This stuff can get seriously deep. Thankfully I had found a moon-app to keep me on track with what was going on!

It advised that I didn’t have long to utilize this universal energy at its peak. YIKES!

This Gibbous Moon occurs three days before the full moon, so “it’s time to build up to the time of fruition and maximum energy. Be constructive, and add to what has been building for over a week.”


I was also travelling to Ottawa this day for work (no pressure, I only had a few things going on). So – by noon this day, we got the house listed. It was up on MLS and pushed by me, my family, and my friends alllllll over social media.

By the time my layover in Winnipeg was over at 2pm – there was a showing booked for 5 pm that day.

By the time I landed in Ottawa – there were two showings booked for that day, and one the day after.

By 7PM that night – there was an offer in on my home. #nobigdeal

Yeah no. I’m not making this up.

February 28, last day of the first quarter, within the 3 most powerful days of the moon cycle, the counters on both ends were signed, sealed and delivered.

And I still hadn’t broke a sweat (thanks universe)

Can you guess what comes next? FULL MOON BABY! March 1. The Full Moon is a time where we are naturally accelerated, energy is flowing, and things naturally come to a head. It is time – to give thanks, for the things that have reached fullness (barn!barn!barn!)

I was spending my last day in Ottawa solo, walking miles and miles around and decided to head down to the ByWard Market and see the sights before I had a tour of Parliament. There were some neat places, none really sparking my fancy, some not so neat places where I thought I had wandered a block too far and was at risk of being shanked or abducted – but I persevered back into more highly populated areas unscathed.

I had come nearly back to my starting place and hadn’t been tempted to spend a dollar, until my eyes drifted over to a tiny old storefront with a sign that said “Masala.”

I was drawn to it.

Now, in doing research for this story – it appears to be a damn good thing that I don’t know an ounce about cooking. Otherwise I may have thought it was some Asian spice store and walked on by.

As alas – it wasn’t a spice store, it was a woo woo store! Full of stones and sculptures and crystals – right up my magical alley! I wandered in and instantly was drawn to this big rectangle stone that looked like a candle with trees in it. It was heavy AF but reasonably priced and I loved it. The sticker said it was “scenic jasper.” So like any good woman shopper, you must circulate through the store before circling back to make any actual commitment. I just left it and kept looking.

I wandered all around the little store, there were horses sculpted out of crystals, owls, all my spirit animals, but most of them were ugly and none of them were speaking to me like that scenic jasper stone.

As I circled the store and returned to where I had started, I looked down at that big rock, and then up in the other direction, top shelf of where I had already passed, and wham! There were three adorable owls carved out of rock. Everything I saw made me happy, so I scooped my new owls off the shelf and headed for the jasper.

Between the storekeeper and I we got my new stuff to the counter, and as she began lovingly wrapping everything up – I remembered.

I was 2.5 kilometers from my hotel, and this thing I just committed to purchasing – weighs about 25 pounds.


Sure I could have taken a cab, but I had decided long before that I was gonna walk all day before travelling, and since I love to be in control, well this rock wasn’t going to mess up my plans.

However. Listening to my intuition had just strapped me with an extreme workout regime for the rest of my day as I now had to lug the thing back to my hotel quarterback football carry style… and also weigh me down through my travels as it was too risky to check in my bag so into my carryon it went. #puffpuff

But. Universe. It spoke to me. As I write, my housewarming prezzies to myself are wrapped up and tucked away in a closet, eagerly awaiting the move for their fresh start in our new home.

Now, from here on in, for the second quarter, now the “waning moon” – This is the time from full moon to the next new moon, her light is decreasing.

It supposedly is now time for introspection, tying up lose ends, and filing things away.

AKA: home inspections, financing, removing conditions. Ahhhhhhh.

As I post this, all conditions have been removed from both sales.


These final three days of this moon cycle are those of the “dark moon.”

Instructions: Relax, Rest, and Retreat.

Slow down, wind down, let go, and go inward.

Let your inner introvert stretch (#meowwww), it is a time for privacy and clearing your head before the next phase – when you can start all over again!

So. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! I will admit – I was testing the waters pretty privately throughout this all. The “old” me would have wanted to push through with listings and offers like DAY ONE – and have been in an absolute controlling tizzy through the whole process. However, my prayers to the universe to support my release of control of the outcome kept me calm, trusting, and oddly knowing.

It wasn’t until the first quarter and the offers started going in and going out that I was like HOLY UNIVERSE BATMAN ITS WORKING! And, obviously - this wasn't just me and the moon at work here. My family, my friends, we were all were vibing the same way. "it feels right" "how is this all happening" "its fate" So when you learn about universal law and energy, you'll understand that the more you can surround yourself with people vibing at your high vibe - the faster and monumental your rewards will be. So - thank you fam jam and friendies, and my dad for finding and making it all possible in the first place :)

The signs, the smells, the prayers, could have been that, or just dumb luck. I’ll leave it to you to make that call!

So. That’s the end, of this new beginning. I’m moving! Patron is getting a barn! And – hot tub!

Now - obviously

In case you wanna try a little somthinsomthin out for yourself - the next new moon is March 17 – what’s going to be on your manifestation agenda?

Patron's New House

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