Let's All Just Love Each Other

The power of language. Working Women. In this day and age it’s impossible to scroll through social media without seeing a marketing pitch or business ad. Which – I have ZERO issues with. What I am beginning to take some issue with – is some of the marketing gurus who are recommending a strategy that includes language and tactics that (I’m hoping inadvertently) puts other women down!

The world is so competitive already – and to some extent I am seeing things that I feel are creating a divide in the world of women – and it’s at a pinnacle time that we need to come together!

I see it time and time again – and not to pick on anyone – but mostly in the direct sales biz… #howsyourmondaymorningcommute #gladidonthaveacrappyboss #noninetofiveforme #dayjobeatyourheartout

And for a while, I’d be offended when I saw them. I work a 9-5 (well, actually an 8-430, with annually 11 paid statutory holidays, five weeks paid vacation, six paid sick days, an incredibly understanding and flexible work culture, and a deadly group of peeps I get to spend +/- 40 hours a week with).


Except, it’s not. I LOVE going to work and seeing my friends every day, doing what I excel at, having crazy opportunities for growth and development, paid training, the works.

So, that’s me though. I have a great J.O.B. I’m an INTJ. I like structure. I like plans. I like my day job because I like to know I have every evening and weekend to do whatever I want to do, not facilitate parties or take customer calls at 8 pm or run facebook lives. I like having set hours.

And, I’m pretty sure, that I’m not the only one.

But, being the personal development nerd that I am – letting go of things not meant for me – I stopped being OFFENDED by what I felt were slams against ME, and just started appreciating those #bossbabes.

They’re doing what they love and what’s right for them. All the power to you! I’m happy that you are happy. You make the world a better place by being so!

Although the marketing angle turns me off personally – hell it must work for some people or marketing businesses wouldn’t still be cashing in on it.

BUT – Perspective.

So, at the same time, I want to also stand up and shout to the #corporatequeens the #selfmademommas the #makingitinamansworldwomen – with a goal to unite us all - as one career choice is not better than the other - and I want us to all support each other.

If you are doing what you love, I don’t care if it’s shift work, a 9-5, a work from home, work from others homes, POWER TO YOU, I LOVE AND RESPECT YOU.

I am NOT bashing any job. I just think that we as women can be more conscientious of THE POWER OF OUR LANGUAGE and the fact we are all different cats, and come together to celebrate our unique and powerful qualities, wherever they are facilitated.

At this point, I feel I should back up the bus and ensure I’m displaying my credibility in speaking to the subject of MLM, Direct Sales , Entrepreneurs, and Corporate Careers.

I was a #bossbabe. I was in direct sales for a spell, and I (in my opinion) SMASHED IT OUT OF THE PARK.

I averaged $6,000 per month in personal sales, averaged 1 new recruit every month, was top 10 in National Sales my second month in business, and was promoted from entry level Advisor to Unit Leader in my first 90 days (all whilst still working my 40 hour a week J.O.B.). I also didn’t use passive aggressive marketing tactics. So – it’s possible #justsayin

I learned more in that year than I had in the 10 before that. I had always wanted to do direct sales, was always too scared to try. I don’t know what got in to me. But I not only survived, I THRIVED.

The company I was working with shut down, and many of the babes I had worked with moved on to other DS opportunities, but I didn’t. For what I learned in that year, was that I COULD do it, I just didn’t want to. It wasn’t for me. And that’s ok!

If you are one of those people who has been sitting on the fence about trying it out – I TOTALLY encourage you to. It can be absolutely life changing. I will not lie to you though – it is WORK! It is not a gravy train, you have to cold call, put yourself out there, fail, get told no, and get back up. But it’s worth it.

My recommendation for starting out: do your due diligence – INTERVIEW your potential upline. Get yourself set up with an upline who you relate to, is going somewhere, and you will be surrounded with some of the biggest brightest women of today. Want a few leads? – message me the industry you’re interested in and I will HOOK YOU UP!

Now shouting out to the Entrepreneurs. #selfmademommas. They are different (IMO) than direct sales. But that’s by my definition, however as this is my blog it’s the definition I will be using (this is fun!)

To me – Entrepreneurs - Starting your own business idea that no one has done before, or others are doing but you strive to do better, you have no provided sales manual, phone scripts, lead generation brainstorming exercises, no monthly meetings pumping you up with gifts and flowers of recognition, no support or advice from people other than your friends or family (who think you’re craycray anyway)… you’re hustling it out all alone, with everything on the line… your time, your family, your savings account…


My credibility in stating this differentiation in my definitions? My dad is an entrepreneur. 21 years in the making. Left his government job, union protection, pension, for the love of an idea to serve people. He worked the equivalent of 18 years in 7. 364 days a year, 6 AM to 11PM. I basically didn’t have a dad from the time I was 14 because he was gone before I got up, and home after I went to bed. If he came home at all. He often used the loveseat in his office to recuperate before going at it again. He created jobs for individuals, depleted their savings accounts to make payroll. Had loans and investors that would come calling if he failed. He didn’t.

I want to be an entrepreneur. But I’m so scared! This blog and website is me dipping my tiny toe into the proverbial deep waters… I want to be a speaker, a book writer, a life coach, an equine assisted learning facilitator… but… GULP.

Lastly, and the area I have the most experience in… the #corporatequeens

19 years! That’s Me! I climbed the ladder! At the meek age of 16 I started filling in evenings and vacations as an Administrative Assistant. That evolved in to full time, into receiving Health Consultant and Injury Adjuster training, into becoming bored with that so being moved into Bookkeeping and Accounting, then into Management, and now I have been the Director of Operations for 2 years, and NOW I am being invited to speak across Canada – not sure exactly what that job title is but #signmeup!

The way I’m looking at it now, is that I got paid on the job training, of how to start and run my own business. COOL!

I know other women out there with 30+ years in their corporate jobs. Who started out entry level with the goal to take their bosses job when they retired, and they are there now. Loving it.

So, I hope you’re still with me now. I was scared to write a post about my “beliefs,”

I don’t like creating controversy, or having people not “like” me – but the more I’m reading and learning, the universe is telling us all to stand up for what we believe in and have a voice – with love and kindness.

My main goal of the story – you do you and lets all love each other.

I’m here with the goal to remove all divides, unite us in to one huge network of #workingwomen, and encourage us all to do what fills up our hearts, whatever that means for you, and be ever so cautious in our output or receival of messaging – whether it be to let go of what’s not meant for us, or to be gentle in recognizing what’s right for us may not be right for others. Which is great! If we all wanted to do the same thing it would be a pretty crazy competitive world – more than it is already.

Now, raise your glass (of wine, or coffee, or kombucha, or tea, or water – #youdoyou) and let us celebrate the differences between us that when united, provides the widest and strongest platform for us all to grow together and as individuals and become the #workingestwomen in all the land!



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