I Failed! I’m already totally busted on my New Years' Resolution! Like, not even after a week or two – pretty much January 1st - I was a write off.

If you’re my facebook friendy, you may recall that one of my resolutions was to spend less than 15 minutes a day on social media.


I didn’t think it would be hard.

Holy shit do you know how much time I used to spend on social media?! I can’t even begin to fathom.

So, yeah. Less than 15 minutes proved to be undoable most days. Especially Saturday mornings lying in bed.










Thank gawd I never learned how to twitter.

Yup. I failed.

But what I was successful at, was for the month of January, I did spend LESS time on social media. I was mindful of its purpose. Was I catching up with friends (a seriously legit social media action- bookface has kept me in touch with so many people I’d otherwise never see or talk to), or was I bored and wasting time.

Mostly, I realized I was bored and wasting time.

So I found a new activity to do instead when I am bored and wasting time. Read Books. Now, I’ve always read, but usually a few minutes just before bed. Because – I didn’t have “time” to read any more than that. And like, it’s pretty legit when I say when I say I have a pretty full schedule.

When I set out on this new stretchy goal of cutting back social media – I book binged and amazon primed TEN books to my doorstep on December 28. I set a goal to read them all in three months. Instead, I just read SEVEN IN THIRTY DAYS.

What. The. Actual. F*ck.

Seven books at an average of 300 pages a book, that’s 1925 pages of knowledge and stories. An average of 62 pages a day. I did NOT feel like I was reading 62 pages a day. Some days I didn’t read at all. Some days I didn’t read for many days in a row. But then other days I could not WAIT to get home and reward myself with 20 minutes of self-help and inspiration.

I found I had LOTS of time! I had 5 minutes while I was waiting for the water to boil for supper, I had 20 minutes while I was having my wine after work, I had an hour on Sunday morning instead of refreshing my facebook feed eighty-eleven times, I had fifteen minutes on my lunch break; seems to be when I looked for the time it just appeared as easy opportunity!

I read everything from lightworkers and crystals, herbs and witches, to the fact that I am a badass and that the Universe has my back, to rescuing dogs and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.


Know what else?

For the last month, I also did more yoga, and even some meditation (HARD).

I had more energy and better ideas at work (WEIRD).

I also built this website from scratch all by myself (NEVER AGAIN).

Turns out I had all the time in the world! I still bookfaced, I still instagrammed, watched Netflix, nothing lacked in my home or work or leisure… But the gift I had given myself was that of mindfulness.

I was consciously choosing what I was doing.

Acting with intent.

Quality over Quantity

Which gave me more energy and more ambition to do more and more things that actually filled me up.


I’ll see your failure and raise you ten-fold!

It’s now the start of February and I only have three books left from my prime pack to read, which should last me til about… Tuesday at this rate.

So. Yeah. Does anyone know if there is a statute of limitations on public library fines? Because this new habit is going to get expensive. But I’m pretty sure I had a book on loan from the library for about two years, and after I returned it I never went back…. I may be late but at least I’m honest.

Interested in my January reading list and reviews?

Gabrielle Bernstine – The Universe Has Your Back. Awesome book. Lots of exercises, bite size guided meditations, links to more meditations on her website, and some really practical good vibey stuff. This really kicked off my ability to feel successful in starting to meditate. My absolute favorite is one of her Kundalini practices called the “Ego Eradicator.” Which is aka: dragon breathing (suiting, as my nickname at work is The Dragon) and you can do it in less than 3 minutes. Or in my case, 1 minute, or I’ll pass out.

Danielle LaPorte – White Hot Truth. Also excellent, although I started off being very jealous of all the places she talks about having been, people she’s met. But wait. I also learned to turn my jealousy into vibes that will allow me to go wherever and meet whoever I want. Including this lady. Going to be seeing her in October. YASSS. She is a badass Canadian Woman too so I’m pretty sure we have a bond. <3

Jennifer Cicero – You Are a Badass. I AM A BADASS! This book was the one that kicked me in the a$$ to get this blog and website up. It literally said “get the damn website up.” Yes. Ma’am.

Lisa Lister – Witch. This was oddly very cool. My previous notion of witchery was very dark and spellcasty. Instead I learned a little about the history of the witch hunts and the basis of the practice. From what I read, back in those days what they practiced was not unlike what an indigenous medicine man would practice. Both of which – have got a bad wrap over the centuries. The book talks a lot about healing yourself through the uses of essential oils, herbs, crystals, positive vibrations, uh – all things I use on a daily basis. So, I think I might be a witch?

Cheryl Strayed – Wild. I waivered on this book. Having also been a woman who has hiked alone in the California Desert, there were times I could not fathom her utter naivety of what she blindly got herself into and others (mostly) just sheer respect for her tenacity and willpower to actually go through with hiking most of the PCT and dealing with the relentless accosting of bad luck she not only endured but conquered.

Rebecca Campbell – Light is the New Black. A great read, SUPER EASY, would be a very good intro book for anyone on becoming a seeker and a light worker. You could read it in an afternoon. She is funny and enlightening.

Julie Klam – You Had Me at Woof. A nice before bedtime feel good story of a lady who rescued and fostered a lot of dogs, and their stories. Dogs are awesome.

Next up on the list:

Rebecca Campbell – Rise Sister Rise

Danielle Laporte – The Desire Map and The Fire Starter Sessions

What’s on your reading list? What do you recommend I Prime next??

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