Am I Doing This Right?

Here I am. In all my vulnerable glory.

My first blog post!

The first thing I know for true: I have no idea what I'm doing.

The second thing I know for true: It has paralyzed me from trying to blog for years.

Excuses - thousands of them.

What credibility do I have.

This website builder is hard.

This hosting costs a lot.

There are already so many influencers out there, there is no room for more.

I don't have anything special to say.

Wow. That guys blog is exceptional I can't write that well. So I shouldn't write at all.

I don't have a niche market like the blog teacher on the webinar told me to.



You know all about the fear acronyms already right?

False Evidence Appearing Real

Forget Everything and Run

And what sucks - is 18 days ago I coached 35 women on training our brain to rewire our primordial habits of this thing called "fear" - which is actually the flight or fight response to ALLTHETHINGS in prehistoric times where we actually were surrounded by things that could kill us at any given moment.

Like sabretooth tigers.

You see - fear has morphed from the original intent - of alerting us to danger, into this incapacitating, self doubting, dream crushing HABIT.

Us humans, we've evolved a bit, but our brain is still in this hyper-active state alerting us to all these "dangers" around us - and since most of us can get through the majority of our days without a near death scenario - our amygdala is instead turning this emotion into bringing forward oodles of... fear and negativity.

Thanks brain.

The third thing I know for true - is I'm no stranger to kicking fear OUT OF MY LIFE. I've been through... things. More on that later.

So. Like I said. We've evolved... but sometimes barely.

What's my blog going to be about? Stuff. And Things. And Opinions. I don't have a niche market.

I am a self proclaimed Maven. Do you know what a maven is? It's derived from the Yiddish word meyven which means "accumulator of knowledge," of "one who understands."

Did you know that? If not - make sure to leave a comment that my blog was purposeful and useful for you today!

I've got some more thoughtful topics coming up, so do check back weekly. For now, I'll admit this first post is more for me than it might be for you.

Adelle blogging: 1

Fear: 0

And while we're at it, let's keep talking - What is fear holding you back from?

xo, A

#fear #women #vulnerability #firsts

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