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I Didn't Want Standard, I Wanted Exceptional


 I left the cancer centre day after day, absolutely stupified about what had just occurred to me.  Having spent 20 years in healthcare navigation for other people, I understood why it was so hard to self-advocate as a patient.  It was exhausting.  From quitting chemo to negotiating preventative tests and alternative care - in this talk, I share my own story of health, illness and taking a stand to educate the population about integrative cancer care. The "Standard of Care" was not good enough for me, and you deserve better too.



Extreme independence is a trauma response.  Childhood trauma.  Domestic Abuse. Cervical Cancer.  The unending emotional distress that began early in my life, at 6 years old after being sexually assaulted - chased me into adulthood until my unresolved dis-ease, became disease. I chose toxic relationships so I wouldn't have to let my walls down. I lost true love because didn't know I had walls to let down.  I was living my best life - running my own farm, building an empire. I was strong, independent, and untouchable.  Upon being diagnosed with cancer, it was time to thrive or die.  I decided to embrace the ghosts of my past head-on, and chose to do so through love

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