Are you focused on the grey, or the blue?

Taking Care of You – Managing Mindfulness, Self-Care, and Boundaries

Did you know – that no one is born with the innate ability to just “have” healthy boundaries? Combine that with our natural instincts as women to “fix” and offer solutions to each other; then top it all off with this day and age where stronger, faster, better drive our days – and we have an uphill battle to climb.


Exhausted? Stretched too thin? Wondering where the days… weeks… years are going?

We open this session and talk about stress, depression, anxiety and burnout – how to notice signs and symptoms in yourself, your family and other important people in your world.


From there we learn practical bite sized strategies towards:

  • Finding, and becoming, your truest self

  • Adopting a more mindful mindset

  • Gaining (or changing) perspectives

  • Identifying values as they relate to boundaries

  • Recognizing our subconscious judgment mindsets

  • And, demystifying that self-care is not selfish.


We all start off in a place of wellness, but in order to remain there it takes consistent learning and growth as individuals.


This 3-hour workshop includes:


  1. Establishing Core Values Exercise – Adelle walks the group through an individualized exercise that lays the first step in the foundation of putting sustainable self-care into motion, by identifying or remembering what our individual core values really are.


  1. Feel the Feel Group Discussion – In this fast-paced world we are continually faced with a stimulus and response cycle.  It’s time to explore and understand this, so we expand the space in between, allowing us to respond in alignment to our values and overcome emotional reacting.


  1. You Do You Group Brainstorming Exercise – A fast, fun and interactive session that awakens our inner flame, is values aligned, and allows us to find self-care ideas that resonate with us at individual levels – no matter how different they are.


  1. Boundaries Break out Session -  We tie it all together in this exercise of vulnerability, and the result empowers participants with a practical starting place and road map to start laying boundaries – the right way.  By giving a name to our inner “judger,” we explore what previously-determined values are affecting our stimulus-response space, and defining what the boundary should be, and how to enforce it lovingly and respectfully with yourself and others. 


We end the day with a debrief and round table, as Adelle is a Certified Coach she is happy and able to provide individual follow up service to any participants.