Beyond the Standard

You, are your best advocate.  But advocating can be hard. So start with educating.  When I was diagnosed with cancer, my first job was to become an expert in it.  My first meeting with my oncologists lasted over 2.5 hours. I had a file folder of documents, references and questions. I had already met with my naturopath, an integrative physician, and an intuitive healer. I had read multiple books, blogs and video stories.

As armed as I was with cutting edge opportunities, the care I was offered, was, standard.  One for the masses.  It had a 90% cure rate, through their conventional care. Many would be ecstatic with that news.  After I dropped out of taking chemo, that took about 12 points off my cure rate, looking at an overall cure rate hovering around 80%.  On average.  Which my literal brain deduced my chances were actually somewhere between 60-100%.  Statistics can be whatever people want them to be, as factual as they are, they are equally grey for interpretation.  

My first step, was deciding I am my own statistic.  My second, was overhauling absolutely everything I had control over and making sure everything I was putting on, in and doing to my body, was creating the opportunity for healing, not hindrance.

This page will be an ever-growing resource as I continue my lifelong journey in ensuring my cancer never comes back.  So if you are going through treatment yourself, or know someone who is, check back often, and don't hesitate to reach out.  There is healing and power in community.

I want to make this page fancier, but I also want to get it up.  I will come back and add hyperlinks as I get the chance, but for now here are some essential resources that helped me on my journey:


Jane McLelland - How to Starve Cancer

Kelly Turner  PHD - Radical Remission

Christine Northrup - Women's Wisdom

Chris Wark - Chris Beat Cancer

Travis Christofferson - Tripping Over the Truth

Adam McLeod - Integrative Cancer Care: The Power of Being Informed

Dr. Robert Moss - The Moss Reports (Alternative Cancer Therapy and Global Standard of Care Reports for every type of cancer)

Genomic, Liquid Biopsy and Chemo-sensitivity testing:

RGCC Labs -

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Audio Downloads:

Louise Hay - Cancer (

Facebook Groups:

Jane McLelland's Off Label Drugs for Cancer


Coming Soon:

My personal guide of "How to Return to Life After Diagnosis"

And - if you have any questions, please - contact me.